Hafez Hotel Deira - Dubai

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Rooms Price

Price for minimum one day reservation and special days such as Christmas holidays, festivals and...

Title AED £ $
Single Room 200 36 57 44
Double Room 260 47 74 57
Triple Room 320 58 91 71
Quad Room 380 69 108 84
Extra Bed 80 14 22 17

Special price for Travel and Tour agencies

Title AED £ $
Single Room 150 27 42 33
Double Room 175 31 50 38
Triple Room 225 40 64 50
Quad Room 275 50 78 61
Extra Bed 40 7 10 8

Price for minimum 15 days reservation

Title AED £ $
Single Room 175 31 50 38
Double Room 225 40 64 50
Triple Room 275 50 78 61
Quad Room 325 59 92 72
Extra Bed 60 10 17 13

Above Rates Are Inclusive Of 10% Service Charge And 10% Municipality Fees.

There is a special discount from 15% for partners of company, travel agencies, Artists and athletes and airline staffs.

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Hafez Hotel Deira - Dubai

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Hafez Hotel Deira - Dubai

Welcome to Hafez Hotel Dubai

Hotel in Deira, Dubai, UAE

Hafez hotel Dubai UAE located next to Al Ras, Deira near to Dubai Gold Market. The hotel is ideal for business and leisure.

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DubaiDubai is essentially a desert city with superb infrastructure, liberal policies (by regional standards), that became popular for its excellent tourist amenities. Just 5 h from Europe and 3 h from most parts of the Middle East, the Near East, and the subcontinent of India, Dubai makes a great short break for shopping, partying, sunbathing, fine dining, sporting events, and even a few sinful pleasures. It is a city of superlatives: for the fastest, biggest, tallest, largest and highest, Dubai is the destination. It has the largest immigrant population in the world.

Dubai Gold MarketThe weekly day off is on Friday. Note that, since September 2006, a harmonised weekend of Friday and Saturday has been adopted for the public sector and schools. Government departments, multinational companies, and most schools and universities are now off on Friday and Saturday (after years of a mixed bag of Friday/Saturday and Thursday/Friday weekends). Some local companies still work half a day on Thursday with a full day on Saturday, but larger companies tend to permit relaxation and time off work for their employees on Friday and Saturday.

Dubai MarketDeira — Dubai's old Financial centre, today Deira is a bustling commercial-residential district with some old souks, including one specializing in spices.


uae jumeirah beachJumeirah — A diverse district whose residents are the Europeans to the Filipinos to the Pakistanis; a mixed Little Europe, Karachi and Manila. Jumeirah is much favoured by Europeans due to the ease of access of the beach, Beautiful villas are seen here. Jumeirah Beach, Jumeirah Beach Residence's the Walk and Jumeirah Mosque are the top attractions.

Dubai MarinaDubai Marina — is a mega-development that borders Jebel Ali (the world's largest man-made port). It is full of skyscrapers and hosts the "Jumeirah Beach Walk" with a number of restaurants, hotels an open-air market when the weather permits, and frequent shows.

Dragon Mart DubaiInternational City — Just a simple residential area in the middle of the desert, what special about it is its architectural design, the residential rents here are cheap and is somewhat the next Chinatown as many Chinese businessmen and women reside here.